Corkoleum Fitting instructions

Corkoleum Fitting Instructions:
Once you have chosen and purchased your corkoleum Roll, you might
want to watch the handy You Tube.

1 Former flooring must be removed cleaned and levelled the sub floor
must be cleaned of dust, grease, paint or other materials that may
reduce the
stickiness of adhesives.
Cork Corkoluem can be placed over plywood or concrete subfloors.
After measuring ensure that you allow 6% cutting loss
2. Necessary tools
snap-off knife, pencil, measuring tape, ruler, paint roller, paint tray,
3. Atmosphere conditions of Storage and Installation
Temperature between 15°C and 25°C (59ºF to 77ºF)
Humidity/ moisture between 45% and 65%
Store rolls vertically on-site 48 hours prior to installation
4. Unroll the rolls
Remove the plastic from the Corkoluem roll and allow it to acclimate in
the area where it will be fitted for at least 24 hours prior to installing the
floor. After unrolling, wait a few minutes until cork returns to its flat
5. Make a marking with a pencil on the Sub-floor.
6. Gluing
Lift half the roll length and apply glue, approximately 300g / m2
Glue the Corkoleum roll where it has already glue after ± 20 minutes
Lift the unglued Corkoleum roll and apply Glue
Glue the Corkoleum roll after ± 20 minutes
Use your hands to remove all air bubbles that can appear during bondin
7. Clean all installation waste.
8. Finishing
Corkoleum Should be finished 24 hours after floor installation.
Apply varnish according to manufacturer’s instructions.
8.1. Finishing application method
Apply the varnish crosswise 1
st coat. (one horizontally and one vertically)
thus, the second coat will cover a