Tribute to Sycamore Gap Northumberland

I took this photo of the Sycamore tree a few years ago. The famous tree from Sycamore Gap near Steel Rig Hadrian's wall. Used in the film "Robin Hood Prince of Theives." with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. 

Although we are named Cork Tree Ltd using this photo in our "about us" page seemed appropriate as we are located in Hexham Northumberland. The tree seemed to represent Northumberland and its intricate history from the Picts and Romans to the bastles and castles, Prince bishops from Durham to Hexham.

Sunday afternoon family walks may not be the same again.

Its sad that it was felled in September but still remains an icon of this most beautiful area.  It will come back I am sure maybe not quite the same, but nature has an incredible force to regenerate.

I look forward to the next generation Sycamore in the Gap.